Happy International Women's Day!

 Did you know that B&V have been around for over 70 years? The Betty and Veronica Archie Comics spinoff debuted in 1950, putting these ladies amongst the first female characters to star in their own comic book series. They weren't just the objects of Archie's affections anymore! And today, B&V's legacy is continued in the form of modern comics portraying the girls as bad-ass characters like Betty and Veronica VIXENS, among others- as well as their strong & intellegent live-action adaptations in the CW's Riverdale.
Scroll down to take a look at some of our favorite girl-power Betty and Veronica moments throughout the years! 
 Leave us a comment below with your favorite girl-power moment from the comics or Riverdale, and don't forget to check out our Instagram for a fun give-away to celebrate International Women's Day! xo 

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