BV x Keds Spring Collection!

We've teamed up with the all-female team over at Keds to create something super special for you guys!

 Keds – creators of the Champion, first ever sneaker for women – could not be a better partner to create the very first Betty and Veronica shoe collection. From their own female-led team, to their retro-yet-timeless designs, they are the perfect match! 

"We love that we get to keep these two iconic females relevant along with the reincarnation of these characters in the CW show, Riverdale. Together, we are keeping these timeless characters alive as strong, modern day women." - Jena Kane (Creative Director, Betty and Veronica)

Throughout the years, the dynamic duo of Betty & Veronica has provided women with an example of how to express themselves through their art, music, and clothing. As a brand, Betty and Veronica strives to continue that legacy.
"B&V’s friendship can inspire girls all over the world to be strong, confident, and supportive of one another - which is what great friendships are all about!" -Alexa Martinez, Account Executive

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  • J. whipple on

    I can only assume that you are shutting down your business, as I have received no reply to my three customer service inquiries about my order from August 18. Would appreciate information on order 10854 before I have to go through my bank to cancel.

  • Miley Stevens on

    do you guys do the new version of Riverdale on keds?

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