B&V Tattoos by Inkbox!

B&V Tattoos by Inkbox!
Betty and Veronica x Inkbox

Have you ever wanted a Betty and Veronica tattoo? Well, now you can have one for only 2 weeks with our new Inkbox collection! Inkbox makes temporary tattoos that uses an ink similar to henna, which stays on for about 2 weeks! Our creative director Jena tried them out and put together a step-by-step guide and review so you can follow along and get your ink on! 

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Hey guys! Jena from Betty and Veronica here. Everyone knows I am a lipstick lover, so I chose the 'Smack' tattoo from our B&V x Inkbox collection to try first! I also liked this one because it is super small and cute! 

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First step is to peel the white paper off of the tattoo. I was a little unclear on this at first, since it did not look like it would peel off, but it does! 

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Now the sticky part is exposed, so you can place the tattoo on your skin where you would like it to be. You can't unstick it, so make sure you have the placement pretty perfect before you press it on! 

Try not to touch any of the exposed navy blue area with your bare hands, as the ink will transfer to your skin! 

Next, tear a corner off the "Cloth" package, and put the package in the microwave for 12-15 seconds. 

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Then put on one of the gloves on the hand you'll be putting the tattoo on with. Gloves are very important! It doesn't seem like it would be messy, but since the ink is kind of "invisible" at first, and takes time to develop, you could accidentally get some on your skin without realizing it! I managed to get a little bit on my hand before I put the glove on, as I saw it appear the next day. 

Next, open the "wipe" packet and dab it on top of the navy blue fabric square in the middle of the tattoo. Make sure you only dab the blue section and not around it, as it may transfer the ink outside of the area of the tattoo! 

Next step is to press the warm cloth over the tattoo without moving the cloth at all. Place it down and hold it for 30 seconds. I found it easy to do this by folding the cloth into a neat square before pressing it down. Then, you are supposed to continue to put pressure on it for 15 mins. Since I am a busy gal, I only put pressure on it for about 5 minutes. Not sure if that will affect the length that the tattoo stays on, but it still showed up fine the next morning! 

Jena with Inkbox tattoo

After the 15 mins is up, peel the inkbox tattoo off slowly in the direction that your hair grows. It is really going to be stuck on, so take your time peeling it off! Then you just wait 5 mins and rinse gently with soap and water. If there was any excess tattoo paper stuck to you when you peeled it off, you are supposed to leave it on 'til rinse time.

Mine was barely showing at all when I first took the adhesive off, but when I woke up the next morning it had appeared! 

My tattoo came out slightly blurry and kind of light in the thinner areas, I think maybe because I put it on a curved part of my arm, so the stencil couldn't lay super flat on my arm. But overall, I think it's super cute and fun to be able to try out a tattoo for only 2 weeks! I would suggest using a more flat area of skin for it to come out more clear and crisp.

Check out the rest of the collection below, and you can shop it here

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