Artist Series: An Interview with Veronica Fish

Archie Comics is relaunching one of its most iconic and beloved characters in a spellbinding new comic book series by the fan-favorite team of writer Kelly Thompson and artist Veronica Fish. SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH, a five-issue mini-series arrives in comics shops in March.
Sabrina has enchanted millions of viewers on the Netflix original series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, starring Kiernan Shipka and based on the Archie Horror graphic novel of the same name. The new comic series, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Veronica and Andy Fish and letters by Jack Morelli, will forego the dark elements that inspired the show and highlight the character’s more lighthearted origins.
We were stoked to be able to ask Veronica some questions about the upcoming series and gain a little insight on her process. Check out the exclusive interview below!
Betty and Veronica: We are super excited for the new Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic book series, dropping in March. What is the general tone we can expect to see in this series? Does it relate at all to the Chilling Adventures series or more of a reboot of the classic Sabrina stories?
Veronica Fish: I think the overall tone is like if some '90s magical girl manga got mashed up with Goosebumps books. We've got some creepiness and suspense in there but a real brightness to the characters and spell-casting.  
BV: How did you get into creating comic book art, and what is your favorite part of the process?
VF: I've always been obsessed with movies, and desperately wanted to make them but felt actually animating was just too tedious a process. I read Will Eisner's The Dreamer when I was 16 (not knowing it was based on Eisner himself) and it changed my life; I became obsessed with making a movie through comics. My favorite parts are at the very beginning, acting out the script (with voices) and getting stoked about how to translate words to pictures, and at the very end, turning in finished pages and feeling a sense of accomplishment.
BV: Are you a fan of the Netflix series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the 90's Sabrina the Teenage Witch series, or both? Does your adaptation of Sabrina pull any inspiration from either of those TV series?
VF: I was a big fan of the '90s TV series. The characters in that show were so lovable and relatable. You know, we don't have Netflix, but I have seen stills of CAOS and the art direction looks just gorgeous. I'm definitely calling on my love of the Melissa Joan Hart show while drawing this comic, but I think it helps that '90s fashion is back now. We're going to put some of our town in the comic too, since we actually live in Greendale. Another weird coincidence.
BV: Wow! Spooky coincidence! Hehe. What medium do you normally use to create comic book art, specifically in this new Sabrina series?
VF: I wish I could do more traditionally but I do most of the work digitally. My husband and I will layout the comic in pencil and neon highlighter on paper first, though.  
BV: We know you have worked on other comics for Archie, who is your favorite character to draw and why? Who would you love to draw in the future?
VF: You know what's funny, I love drawing Veronica in chic clothes but am always disappointed with how she comes out; doesn't that figure? I think Salem will become the new favorite thing to draw -- all his expressions.
The first issue of SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH debuts on March 27, be sure to follow @archiecomics and @bettyandveronica for links on how to shop the new series!

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