Artist Interview: Eva Cabrera

Next up on our Artist Interview series is the talented Eva Cabrera! She has re-imagined Betty and Veronica for the VIXENS series, portraying the gals in a modern-yet-retro biker chick vibe! Eva is also the creator of the comic KIM&KIM, for which she has been nominated for an Eisner award.

Eva was born in Xalapa, Veracruz - but currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She loves Coffee, video games and animals!

Read about the inspiration behind her artwork for Betty and Veronica VIXENS below!

Betty and Veronica by Eva Cabrera

BV: When did you first start drawing comic art?

Eva Cabrera: Ever since I was a child I made up stories with my favorite characters from the comics, cartoons, or video games I loved. It was really fun because I liked to star my best friends from school. I spent HOURS drawing and making up fun stories.

BV: Did you read Betty and Veronica/Archie comics growing up? Were you excited to reimagine the girls as such bad-ass versions of themselves?

EC: I've been reading Archie comics since I was 9 years old. I still have comics from that time; they are my treasure and I used to dream of being a witch and doing magic like Sabrina, or having really cool clothes and being a style icon like Betty and Veronica. I dreamed of going on adventures with my friends and touring the world like Josie and the Pussycats, having a sweet boyfriend like Archie, or being Jughead's bestie. This comic was my main inspiration to become a comic book artist, and being a part of Archie history is a dream come true.

Eva's drawing at 9 years old
Eva's drawing at 9 years old!


BV: Where do you get the fashion inspiration for Betty and Veronica's outfits in VIXENS?

EC: I love the biker community; they're definitely my inspiration for many of my fashion choices. I've met a few dear friends through the community and love the lifestyle. Many people believe they're rude and intimidating, and they might be on the outside, but they have a big heart and are very kind and family-oriented, which I tried to convey on VIXENS, particularly with the back patch that characterizes them as a group.

I gave the girls a rockabilly/punk rock vibe inspired by bands like The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Tom Stormy Trio, and Kitty in a Casket. Music is a huge inspiration and motivating force for me, and when I listen to these bands I can make up really elaborate scenarios where they interact and this helps me work with them! Jamie [Rotante, VIXENS writer], has been a source of great recommendations, like Crybaby and Grease, and I love all the visual references in these movies.

Veronica Lodge reimagined by Eva Cabrera
Betty Cooper Reimagined by Eva Cabrera
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BV: Do you have a favorite cover or issue of VIXENS that you have created, and why?

EC: Hmm . . . it's hard to decide. I love all the covers but I believe issue #1 has a very special place in my heart because of the reference I made to the "Sailor Jerry Flash" tattoos. I loved putting Betty and Veronica in a different context: bolder, with flowers and classic tattoos, and strong in a new, braver way. I love bringing them to life in this way. It's been a pleasure and a privilege to be an artist on my favorite characters in my own style.

Betty and Veronica Vixens, issue #1 cover
Betty and Veronica VIXENS #1 Cover Art

BV:  Lastly, do you consider yourself a Betty or a Veronica?

EC: Veronica on the outside, Betty on the inside. :)


Be sure to follow Eva on Instagram @evacabrera to keep up with all of her amazing work! 

Photo of Eva Cabrera in BV merch!
Eva rocking some Betty and Veronica merch, available at our shop!

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