Artist Interview: Audrey Mok

This month's Artist series interview features talented Honk Kong based artist, Audrey Mok!

Mok is known for illustrating empowered & stylish modern women in the web comic series 'Heroine Chic', as well as her work on the reboot of Josie and the Pussycats and the modern Archie comic series. She has also drawn Betty and Veronica and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, as seen on various covers across the Archie Comics catalog.

Girl Power!  

We especially love her attention to detail in style and fashion in her illustrations! Read below about how she got started drawing comic art and who her favorite Archie Comics characters to draw are!


Audrey Mok 1

Betty and Veronica: How did you get your start in drawing comic book art?

Audrey Mok: Drawing has always been a part of me since I was a kid. I didn't discover comics until elementary school, since then I was completely hooked with the medium. I started joining comic conventions, and kept making lots of fan books and zines. In 2015, David Tischman approached me about his webcomic project, "Heroine Chic", that was how I started drawing comic books professionally.


Audrey Mok 2


BV: When did you start working with Archie Comics, and which comic series have you worked with
them on?

AM: I was approached by Archie Comics when I was still working on "Heroine Chic". The "Josie and
the Pussycats" reboot series was the first comic series I worked with Archie Comics. After Josie, I
joined the main title ARCHIE, worked as the artist from issue #23 until #32. 

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BV:. We love your modern interpretations of the characters! You are able to portray both emotion
and lightheartedness/humor so well! Do you have a favorite character from the Archie Universe
that you enjoy drawing the most? 

AM: Thank you!
Definitely Jughead. I enjoy drawing him very much, especially his expressions and his overall
style. How Jughead acts could be such a contrast comparing to other characters, which makes
him very fun to draw. I also love drawing Melody!

Audrey Mok 3

BV: The styling/outfits you drew for Josie and The Pussycats were so rad! Where did you get the
style inspiration for them? And, can we please own some of those outfits? ;)

AM: I have always loved dressing up characters according to their personalities/style. I also love
fashion and styling very much, which makes designing outfits for Josie and The Pussycats an
absolute joy! Since I love fashion, I always keep an eye on runway shows and related websites.
Sometimes I get inspirations from watching music videos too. Such as the variant cover I did for
Betty and Veronica: Vixens issue 7(shown above) was somehow inspired by the video
"Bad Boy" performed by Korean girl group Red Velvet.
Please let me know when there is a Josie fashion line, becauseI 'd love to own some of their
outfits too! :D

Audrey Mok 7

BV: And lastly, would you consider yourself more a Betty or a Veronica?
AM: This one is hard! I'd probably say, 50% Betty and 50% Veronica, depending on the situation, haha! 


You can follow Audrey and check out some more of her work on her Instagram here!

Audrey Mok 5Image source: Audrey Mok

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